​Why Is Nutrition Important?

Posted by Amy Flurry on 27th Jul 2018

Here are a couple of physical reasons.By Amy FlurryImagine the next time your car got low on gas, you decided to fill up by dumping a 2-liter bottle of Coke and a melted gallon of ice cream into the t … read more

Godly Character Emphasizes the Little Things.

26th Jul 2018

If you wait for the big events to really prove yourself as an employee or as a husband or wife, you never will! Those who prove themselves worthy in the smallest of matters will naturally prepare for … read more

Trumpet Radio at

7th Jul 2018

KPCG 101.3 Trumpet Radio is your source of understanding. Trumpet Radio broadcasts from the campus of Herbert W. Armstrong College in Edmond, Oklahoma and online at The station brings you an … read more

Our Mission

6th Jul 2018

SMALLCHINA team up with suppliers that provide exceptional value-added products, services and solutions with a dedication to quality. In joint interest, we place a high value on the relationships we h … read more